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My goal is helping you express yourself with cozy graphic tees! I strive to provide inspiring shirts for supporting women empowerment and awareness for mental health because it is very important to me. I also LOVE a good holiday, drinking or funny shirt :)
Neselle Boutique was created from a dream of showing my children that you can be successful with hard enough work and to inspire other women to love themselves for exactly who they are.
I (Danielle) originally opened the virtual doors with my very best friend, Nessa, and we came up with the name Neselle by blending our names - Nessa & Danielle. I think it has a nice ring to it :) Our different lives made it difficult for both of us to run the boutique and it was decided that only I would continue on.
I am FOREVER grateful for Nessa for all the love, support and knowledge she gave me for this boutique. You are my friend soul mate!


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